Introduction to Microeconomics

Five lectures for a first-year undergraduate course, focusing on production theory, competitive markets and monopolies. Linnaeus University (2023–ongoing)

Advanced Microeconomics

Two lectures and an exercise session for a master’s course, focusing on welfare, market inefficiencies, and behavioral economics with applications to environmental sustainability. Linnaeus University (Autumn 2022)

Intermediate Microeconomics

Two lectures and an exercise session for a second-year undergraduate course, focusing on externalities, public goods and asymmetric information. Linnaeus University (Autumn 2022)

Public Policy Evaluation with Big Data

Teaching Assistant for a second-year undergraduate course. Developed three computer labs focusing on project flow management, as well as gathering, cleaning, and visualizing data. Evaluating real, and previously unstudied, Swedish reforms together with students, as an inspiration for their term paper and future thesis. Linnaeus University (Spring 2024)

Microeconomics with Applications

Teaching Assistant for a second-year undergraduate course. My task was helping students navigate microeconomics and introducing them to game theory. The mentoring took place through discussions with the students, solving exercises on the board, and helping one-on-one in person or via e-mail. The mentorship took place once a week and was three hours long. Uppsala University (2017–18)

Student feedback for my mentorship sessions were overwhelmingly positive; ranging from 4.0/5.0 in my first semester to 4.8/5.0 in my third, and last, semester.

Here’s what attendance looked like for the three semesters I was a TA: micro_attendance

Principles of Micro- and Macroeconomics

Teaching Assistant for a first-year undergraduate course. As a seminar leader, I discussed and evaluated term papers and presentations on economic theory and its applications by the students. The students participated in three seminars where they produced a paper on a topic of their choice within economic theory, and in the final seminar both presented and defended their paper. Uppsala University (2019)